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I believe this is what you want right?


If you stick with me for a bit, you’ll discover a little-known but fatal mistake people make when trying to create a CV that gets them their dream job, and exactly how to avoid it

And I’ll also reveal the fastest way possible for creating and tailoring your CV to high paying job roles.

My name is Ibukun Onitiju and in a moment, you’ll see why I’m known as the “go to person” when it comes to creating CVs that gets dream jobs, and how I’ve helped folks like you get high paying jobs in multinational organisations, such as Shell, Etisalat, UAC, Arla Foods, Standard Chartered Bank etc and facilitating CV Writing Workshops for companies like Microsoft Nigeria.

However, since our time is short, let’s cover the CV Writing tip first, so pay close attention.


You must tailor your CV to every job role you apply for


The best section to do this on your CV is your ‘Personal Profile’ or what I call your PP.

Read through your Personal Profile and update it to include specific details of what you can offer as related to the role you are applying for.

The job description of the role will give you enough information about the role that you can include in your updated personal profile. The more relevant your personal profile to the job role, the higher your chances of getting an interview.


Now, while you can take this PP tip and apply it immediately and see your CV get you multiple job offers with high paying salaries,

You must first be warned about the #1 mistake other people make when it comes to writing CVs:

It’s a mistake that can lead to failed job applications, prolonged unemployment and a frustrated career.

And here it is:

You must avoid the fear of missing out on a job opportunity!

And here’s why:

First, you cannot do every job out there. Your skills and experience make you a great fit for some roles, and a bad fit for others…

Second, you will get hired because your CV convinces the hiring manager that you are the best for the role, not just that you are good or average or remotely close.

Third, you have to go all out to inform the hiring manager that you have the knowledge, the skill and the desire to help them achieve their company objectives.

Now, here’s the really good news:

Simply by avoiding the fear of losing out on a job opportunity, and using a few additional strategies I’ll be sharing with you shortly,

Here’s what you can experience:

  • Waking up tomorrow to multiple job offers, even from organisations you’ve applied to and rejected before…
  • Experiencing the freedom that comes with negotiating higher salaries and job perks with high paying job offers you so richly deserve…
  • And, perhaps best of all, not having to even think about getting stranded and unemployed in your career again…


Introducing The Winning CV Template:

The simple, easily editable CV Templates with a training video that empowers you to create professional CVs that gets you high paying jobs fast!

Now you can:

Blast through the creation of your own professional CV using templates proven to get jobs in multinational organisations

Erase any thought of not knowing what to do to tailor your CV to high paying job roles… it’s all explained in the accompanying training video

Generate more high paying job offers and finally have multiples options to select from. AND MORE!

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And beginning today, their success can be yours…guaranteed!

Here is exactly what you’ll get with this offer:


A Chronological CV Template for Experienced Professionals


This is an editable Microsoft Word Template of a Winning CV. The template has notes and comments highlighting the psychology behind the clearly labelled sections, the reasoning of hiring managers and why you will standout as a good fit for the role. All required sections are pre-filled with re-usable content giving you an idea of what to include in it. If you’ve ever struggled with writing a CV, this is the help you need.



A Skill-based CV Template
(Useful for career professionals in Creative Industries and Graduates)


This template focuses more on your skills and attributes and designed to help creatives. It also answers the age-old concern of “I am a graduate and I have no work experience”. Most graduates think employers are being unreasonable by asking for work experience. The real truth is employers are looking for something else in young graduates, and this template gives it to them just the way they want it.



Exclusive Bonuses


Video Walk-through Guide



As a bonus to you, I have put together a 10 minute Video training on how to use the CV template to get your dream job. In the training I go through every section of the template to help you update it to suit your needs and I answer the contentious question of how long a CV should be.



Bonus Template – Same person, 2 different CVs



Ever wondered how to update your CV for different roles?

In this bonus template, you have a brand new CV in a different industry to clearly see the sections of your CV should be updating for different job roles. A tailored CV has higher chances of getting an  interview. Now you can do the same with this template.



You will get ALL of these  for N5,000  N3,000   Today!


  • [Instant Download] CV Template for Experienced Professionals
  • [Instant Download] CV Template for Graduate Professionals
  • [Instant Viewing] BONUS – 10 Minute Video Training on how to update the CV and more insight into CV Writing
  • [Instant Download] BONUS – Another CV template showing you how to tailor your CV for different job roles.

Here’s what you need to do today!



LikeIconSTEP 1 Click the ‘Yes I want a good job Button below.


LikeIconSTEP 2 Make payment of only N3,000  Today  to get instant access to the template and video training. Your login details are automatically sent to your email immediately after payment.

LikeIconSTEP 3 Download your CV templates, watch the training and update your CV to get your dream job.


This is the opportunity you have been waiting for to get the help you desperately need.


Now, look at your two choices today:

You can take advantage of all the benefits and step-by-step ease that the Winning CV Templates and Video Training offer you…

  • A Chronological CV Template for Experienced Professionals,
  • A Skill-based CV Template for creatives and fresh graduates,
  • Bonus CV Template to vary your job applications, and a
  • Video walk-through training guide with detailed explanation on how to use the templates…

Or, you can opt for more application rejection emails from failed applications, no response from hiring managers irrespective of how many CVs you’re sending and continued frustration over not getting ahead in your career compared with other folks just like you who are constantly changing jobs, getting promoted and accelerating their career…

The choice is yours, and it’s clear:

Make the only smart move you can right now, and click on the “YES! I Want a high paying job!” button below and claim your access to the Winning CV Templates and Bonus Training today…

And I’ll greet you personally on the next page!

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